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Transponder Car Key Programming

Transponder Programming Glasgow

We a lot in terms of vehicle security to transponders and our Transponder Programming Glasgow service will ensure that your vehicle stays secure for a long time to come. Although you may not have seen it, if your vehicle was made since around the mid-90s, there's a good chance there's a transponder in the key. This transponder is an important part of the vehicle's inbuilt security system. Without transponders, anyone with a key that is cut similar to yours can jump into your car and drive off with it. Transponders make this a lot harder with the help of immobilisers. An immobiliser prevents the car from starting if the transponder code in the key doesn't match the one in the vehicle. Although it takes place in a split second, the moment you turn your key, a code is sent to the key from the car and if the key doesn't respond with the right code, the car won't start. So, if your key already has a transponder, why do you need to know about Transponder Programming Glasgow services?

The transponder chip in the key sometimes fails to function as it should. This could be due to a number of factors including physical damage. When this happens, the chip may need to be reprogrammed. If the failure is due to physical damage, you may have to replace the whole key. The new key will require programming to ensure that its transponder is compatible with your car system. This is where our Transponder Programming Glasgow services become particularly crucial. Going to the dealer could mean having to pay more than you're comfortable with and this isn't the sort of job you should entrust to any hack with a sign that says 'Auto Locksmith'. Our affordable service that guarantees a completely professional approach and accurate programming of your new key is what you should turn to.

Quite often a client will come to us with a new key that was programmed by someone else and wasn't functioning as it should. Maybe the car doesn't always start or maybe the key doesn't unlock all the doors. This is the sort of result that you may get if the key isn't professionally cut or programmed. Luckily, we have all that is needed to handle these types of problems. One thing you'll realise when you come to us is that there will be no issues right from the beginning to the end. This is because there is no room for error in the work that we do.

We have invested in state of the art systems that enable us to achieve dealer-quality results when we replace a key or program it. Because our prices are much lower than what you'd pay at the dealer, ours is an offer that's hard to turn down. Get in touch with us today!

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